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We at “New Satyam Tensile” manufacture and supply a high-quality selection of tensile products, inflatable products, outdoor umbrellas, folding sheds, storage covers, defence tents, and gazebo tents. 

Since our establishment in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, in 2002. We have built a modern infrastructural base that is equipped with necessary amenities. The structure units that make up the infrastructure basis include procurement, production, quality control, warehousing and packaging, sales and marketing, and transportation and logistics. 

Under the close supervision of our diligent personnel, all of these units operate. Our company has tremendous success in this field. Because to the enthused leadership of our proprietor, “Mr. Bablu Jha.” We have been able to obtain the trust of our customers because of our honest business practices, prompt delivery, reasonable pricing. And client-centric attitude.

All of our goods are created and produced with extreme accuracy .In accordance with international quality standards by using premium base materials and cutting-edge technology. All while keeping in mind the criteria for global quality. Due to qualities like water resistance, tear resistance, flawless finish, and owner Mr. Bablu Jha’s strong strength, the product line is well regarded by customers.

 Additionally, we provide our products in a variety of configurations and at rates that are among the highest in the industry. Using cutting-edge testing methods and technology. Our team of quality inspectors extensively examines the supplied array of products on numerous quality criteria. We built a sizable warehouse to safely and conveniently store our items. 

Our mission

“Our mission is to design, manufacture, and deliver high-quality tensile structures that exceed our customers’ expectations.” We are passionate about pushing boundaries of innovation, engineering excellence, and architectural design. In order to produce visually appealing and useful tensile solutions.

At NEW SATYAM, we aim for to be the trusted name in providing durable, sustainable, and cost-effective tensile structures for a variety of applications. Our mission is to enhance the built environment by seamlessly integrating our structures. Into urban landscapes, public spaces, commercial complexes, and parks and other recreational areas .“New Satyam Tensile” manufacture and supply a high-quality selection of tensile products.

Each project is completed with accuracy and attention to detail by our team of experts. Who also guarantee great quality and on-time delivery.

Why choose Tensile structures?

Are you thinking , why you go for Tensile structures? Then here are some of the basic reasons to choose our Tensile product.

  •  Shade and protection Tensile structures produced, a shadowed area, guarding people and shops from direct sun, rain, and other rainfall rudiments.
  • Aesthetic appeal They enhance the overall visual appeal of the theater or out-of-door space with their ultramodern and satiny design. Tensile structures can be customized in colorful shapes, sizes, and colors to round the girding terrain.
  • Versatility These structures are protean and can be installed in colorful configurations. Similar as single cruises, multiple lapping cruises, or combined with other structures like flies.
  • Durable and rainfall- resistant High- quality tensile structures are made from durable accoutrements like high- viscosity polyethylene( HDPE) fabric or PVC- carpeted polyester. Which are designed to repel harsh rainfall conditions.
  • UV protection The fabric used in the cover provides UV protection, reducing the threat of sunburn and furnishing a safer out-of-door terrain.
  • Ventilation Tensile structures are designed to allow tailwind. Which prevents heat from getting trapped and keeps the covered area comfortable indeed during hot rainfall.
  • Low conservation Once installed, a theater tensile structures bear minimum conservation, making them hassle-free shading result.
  • Easy installation While larger and more complex structures may bear professional installation. A lower theater tensile structures are frequently available in DIY accoutrements that are fairly easy to set up.


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